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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come in without booking an appointment?


Yes! You can come at anytime while we are open without needing to book an appointment or without needing to call in advance.

Do I have to call before coming in?


You don't need to call before coming in, you can walk in anytime while we are open.

How will I know if my results are in?


If the results have anything of concern, the doctor will call you to discuss them. Otherwise, you won't receive a call.

Are there any COVID-19 Precautions I should take?


If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please immediately go to the test center.

Masks are a non-negotiable standard

If you have traveled anywhere outside of Canada, self isolate for 14 days and call in for any health inquires instead of visiting our location.

What intersection are you located in?


We are located at Kennedy and Sheppard, south-east of the intersection.

Can I come without a healthcard?


Yes you can. Each appointment will be $50 CAD.

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